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Supplies of Solar










Parts of solar heater usefully and essentially for the good operation of system compose the following:

  • Collector cupreous or selective or galbanize
  • Aporrofitis - internal collector
  • Pane of collector
  • Boiler of solar heater
  • Resistance of solar heater
  • Antistai of triple energy (serpantina)
  • Flatza of electric resistance
  • Thermostat of resistance
  • Rakor of connection of - water supply - heating
  • Rakor of union of boiler - collectors
  • Antifreeze liquid (NO antithermic)
  • Bar of magnesium
  • Circuit of union of collectors with boiler
  • Safety of relaxation of solar heater
  • Onlending valve of solar heater
  • Banes of frost (only for open circuit)
  • Balloon of fulfillment of antifreeze
  • Cover of collectors (ilioprostasia)
  • Exaeristiko of heating for union of heating - boiler
  • Taf of tightening of union of collectors
  • Insulation of pipings of water supply of - circuit - heating
  • Insulating material of cable - heliflex
  • Base of support solar